Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pot complains loudly about the dark coloring of the kettle.

I enjoy reading uber-Calvinist James White in the same way that I enjoy watching movies of imploding building - there's a whole lot of pointless activity going on, plus White's regular demonstration of an absence of charity is the best safeguard I know from being attracted to the siren call of "hyper-calvinism."

In any event, check out White's latest post about various threads at Envoy's discussion forum that concern White. White complains that "The Envoy discussion board will not allow links to Alpha and Omega Ministries, yet they are fixated on this very blog."

However, White's post lacks any links back to the Envoy threads that he is complaining about.

< eyebrow raise > ????? < /eyebrow raise >

The failure of White to link to the posts that he is attacking is not an oversight. A regular feature of White's blog to never link to the "enemy" - which then requires people who are interested in getting the other side to do a google search - although he does link to those posts that are on his side, so he knows how to do hyperlinks.

Mark Shea captures the ethos of the apologetics subculture quite nicely in this post.

That said, the whole thing holds a shameful fascination for me that I imagine professional wrestling holds for a far larger number.

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