Sunday, May 06, 2007

Food fight.

Francis Beckwith - conservative philosopher, President of the Evangelical Theological Society and blogger - has “swam the Tiber." This caused hyper-calvinist James White to hyper-ventilate.

Read White's post for his typical lack of charity. White accuses Beckwith of abandoning the search for truth and says that Beckwith has been damned by God.

But when a 20-something student at Beckwith's parish dares - dares! - to call White on his uncharitable post because she is a member of the parish that Beckwith joined, White descends on her little blog with a phalanx of Calvinists.

Fun ensues. Read the comments.

It should be noted that it was White who "outed" Beckwith in the first place. That kind of "outing" thing is certainly popular by those who want to enforce a rigid adherence to an ideology and make sure that everyone stays on the politically correct reservation, but it is the opposite of what the idea of charity and freedom of conscience ought to imply.

And it should be further noted that White is willing to jump in with both feet to criticize another person's post but he does not allow comments on his blog.

Finally, charity compells the observation that Mr. White probably needs to make a fundamental change in his schedule of values. Monitoring the internet 24 by 7 for comments by college students can't be healthy.

I'm following the issue because Fresno blogger Thomisticguy knows Beckwith and I'm fascinated by the "six degrees of separation" thing. If you are interested in that, read past the really, really long comments by the post-modernist on "Thom's" blog.

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