Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Obama should get a vote of "no confidence" based on his answer about gas prices.

According to Bryan Preston, Obama's claim that gas prices were lower in 2008 because of the state of the economy would have been be the gaffe of the night if it had been spoken by a Republican:

During the second presidential debate, President Obama uttered a line so full of ignorance that, if he were a Republican, it would be all anyone talked about afterward. Mitt Romney noted that gas prices are roughly double now what they were when Obama took office. Obama replied that gas prices were so low because the U.S. economy was about to go into collapse.

Obama never mentioned the effect of supply or demand on the price. He never mentioned the effect that Middle East instability has on the price of gas. He never mentioned that the mere possibility of an energy giant like the U.S. making the public decision to get serious about energy independence can bring prices down. He never allowed that his own energy policies have had any detrimental effect.

He blamed a collapse that had not happened yet for prices that had been lower for years than they are now.

What an economic buffoon.

Preston also notes:

I was initially less displeased with Crowley’s performance as moderator than than that of Martha Raddatz, the ABC reporter who moderated the vice presidential debate. Raddatz consistently changed the subject when things got too difficult for Vice President Biden, and she interrupted Paul Ryan 31 times, to interrupting Biden just 19 times. She was clearly biased.

But Candy Crowley’s bias was more insidious. She chose the questions and the questioners. She let Obama’s towering ignorance on gas prices slip by unremarked. She corrected Mitt Romney with incorrect facts, allowing Obama to escape the most dangerous moment of the entire debate. She did what she could to tilt this debate in Obama’s favor without ever acknowledging that she was doing so. She knew what she was doing.

No mainstream media figure should ever be allowed to moderate another debate. They keep stacking the deck and favoring one side over the other. It’s always the same side that they favor. They’re despicable hypocrites who keep getting worse year by year.

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