Thursday, November 08, 2012

Election Night.

Although the NYT present this as an opportunity to make fun of Karl Rove, I find this story fascinating:

So Mr. Clemente, who was one floor up in the control room, decided with his team of producers to allow Mr. Rove to say on television what he was finding and hearing from the Romney campaign: that the numbers coming out of Ohio were not necessarily adding up to an Obama victory.

Fox News then let its decision team respond, a logistically difficult task considering it was holed up in a room about 30 yards down the hall from the studio.

So at 11:33 p.m., Megyn Kelly, an anchor known for her no-nonsense style, began her walk down the hall and did the questioning.

The leader of the decision team, Arnon Mishkin, laid out its case, with some help from a more polished television presence, Chris Stirewalt.

“Arnon doesn’t do TV very often, and Megyn can be very pointed,” Mr. Clemente said. “So I said let’s have Arnon with the facts, and Chris — because he’s on TV every day — to put it in English.”

By that point Fox had already declared Mr. Obama not just the winner of Ohio, but the winner of the presidency. And when Mr. Rove next appeared on camera, his demeanor was more deflated.

Mr. Rove has not addressed the episode on Fox News since Tuesday night. He appeared on the network on Wednesday, in an interview on “Fox & Friends,” but he was not asked about his mistake.

One Republican closely involved with pro-Romney “super PACs” said Wednesday that Mr. Rove should have had every reason to believe the finding of the Fox decision team.

Virtually all Republican strategists who had looked at internal polling by the super PACs, this person said, already knew that the numbers showed a tough race in Ohio for Mr. Romney.

Good for Megyn Kelly for doing something that ought to be done more often. Rather than simply telling us - as if the Wizard of Oz was handing down pronouncements - how about letting us see how the magic happens?

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