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This is really cool...but actually is a sad commentary on our police's "union" attitude to doing their job.

I mean, we can't expect the people we pay to solve murders to spend all that time watching grainy security videos for themselves, could we?

From Cracked:

When Leiby Kletzky, an 8-year-old boy, was kidnapped and murdered in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in New York City in 2011, the police didn't have much to go on -- the kid had simply vanished. That didn't sit well with property manager Yaakov German. German is a father of 12, and to have that many kids, you must love children at least as much as you hate birth control.
So, he was simply going to do what most of us only experience via grossly unrealistic vigilante movies: find out what happened to the boy, and bring the bastard who did it to justice himself.
T.O.T. Consulting
Yaakov German, in one of those rare moments in which he isn't fighting crime or conceiving new life.
While everyone else in the neighborhood was trying to figure out which way the kid went after school (he never showed up where his mother was waiting for him), German took a more David Caruso-like approach: He went to the school and asked to check the security camera footage to see what exact clothes Kletzky was wearing, how he was holding his knapsack, and so on.
With that information, German then knocked on the door of every store and home with a security camera in the area and simply asked to see the footage. He sat down and scrolled through hours of recordings, searching for the couple of seconds when the victim might have happened to have walked past. Little by little, clip by clip, German managed to trace the route the boy took that day. To show you that this was no piece of cake, check out how blurry the kid looked in some of the footage:
The end of the route led German to a car leasing company -- when he asked to check the security footage, he saw a video of a man taking the boy to his car. He now had the goddamned murderer right there in front of him.
The car's license plate wasn't visible, though, so they still had no idea who this creep was. But then they noticed that the footage also showed the guy going into a dentist's office across the street some minutes earlier. The cops, who figured that they might as well make themselves useful at some point, talked to the dentist and found out the identity of the kidnapper -- some guy from the neighborhood named Levi Aron.
New York Daily News
Nearly arrested several times before just on account of his face.
Thanks to German's legwork, the cops were able to track down the guy and arrest him, finding the victim's remains in the process. So while it was sadly too late to save Kletzky, we're going to go out on a limb and say that he wouldn't have been the last victim if not for German's amateur CSI skills.

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