Monday, December 17, 2012

Remember when George Bush came out wearing a "Medicine Man hat" to pardon the Thanksgiving Turkey?

And how he rattled the sacred gourd over it?


Of course, that didn't happen. That couldn't happen because it would have been culturally insensitive. Bush would have been excoriated for days over that kind of thing.

But, hey, Catholics making the sign of the cross, now that's comedy gold.

If we were to put on our finely nuanced "see the 'cultural insensitity' everywhere" glasses that leftist wear on a daily basis,then in light of the injury that he intends to infict on Catholic institutions, we might find that Obama was mocking Catholicism in making the sign of the cross as a "dispensation" over the pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkey.

Naw, forget it.  Catholics aren't permitted to ever think that they or their religion is being mocked.

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