Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The nice thing about having a Democrat in the White House is that there is never any bad news...

...such as a member of a core constituency of the ruling party physically attacking the opposition party.

ABC, NBC and CBS ignore union thugs' attack on Fox News contributor.

And then there is this:
You can click on the link and scroll down past the point at which my screen shot cuts off, but you won’t see a single story about the IBEW union man’s assault on Steven Crowder. You won’t see any stories about the union thugs’ intentional destruction of Americans for Prosperity’s tent, with people inside. You won’t see any stories about the Michigan Democratic Party’s threat of “blood,” which came from a Democrat state rep and was tweeted out on the Michigan Democratic caucus’ official twitter feed. You won’t see any of that. Jimmy Hoffa Jr.’s threat of civil war didn’t make the cut either. The Obama White House’s refusal to condemn the violence also gets no mention. Notice the photos, too. The union folks look calm and reasonable. The frame of the union man punching Steven Crowder ought to be there, but it isn’t.
But when Gabby Giffords was shot by an unaffiliated lunatic, the press was all over the Sarah Palin/Tea Party connection.

But we can always trust the left for sane discourse, as evidenced by this writer at Gawker who defends the attack on Steve Crowder, because, you know, Crowder is on the wrong side and so from a political standpoint is an "unperson."


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John Kasaian said...

That the mainstream media won't report these shennanigans is shameful. If the local DA won't press charges for these crimes would be a grave breech of civic trust, like not prosecuting goons intimidating voters at the polls, or government execs who sell guns to drug lords in Mexico.
Isn't the collapse of the legal system a good indication that our society will follow?

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