Saturday, December 08, 2012

The theory is that abortion is about a woman's "right to choose." 

In practice, the "right to choose" means that some women are given no choice.

Man Stabs Girlfriend 20 Times After She Refuses Abortion.


stanchaz said...

If Christ came back,
........would He even RECOGNIZE he twisted house of hate and fear
that they have constructed in His name?
..........would He CONDONE the kind of business that they have made
of His loving words, and His inspired teachings? by people that dare to speak and act in His name,
as they pursue their own ends?
I suspect that He would treat these people the very same way that
HE threw the money-lenders out of the Temple?
The death -- no, the murder-- of this poor woman
who was denied a life-saving abortion in Ireland makes me ANGRY.
For it’s about time’s WAY past time
...for people to take control of their own destiny, and their own lives.
There are so many priests, preachers, and assorted shamans
out there --"men of the cloth"-
who have the unmitigated gall, the sheer arrogance,
of claiming to speak for God, and with God.
And we ...we must listen, and follow, and obey. Or so they say.
They claim a direct pipeline to the Almighty!
God did this, God told me. God loves that. God hates this.
God wants this. Oh, and drop another coin in the basket
before you leave please God demands.
It's gotten so bad that now they think ....thay they ARE God
ENOUGH already! I say to them all:
Go back to whatever burrow you came from,
you charlatans, and leave us -and our country- alone.
For we're a free and proud people, , and will remain so
- without- your shameful meddling in both our private lives,
and our public institutions.
For Religion is a personal matter -
NOT something to be FORCED on others!
Don't just accept something because it comes from
a religious "voice of authority".
For ultimately YOU are responsible for your life,
and how you try to live it.
That’s why you have freedom of choice and a conscience:
to choose, NOT just to blindly follow.....
We need to start acting like Men and Women...not sheep.

marian said...

So you are upset because she was DENIED an abortion that she did not want? So SHE does not have a choice then? Shame on you! Your words are very twisted.

Peter Bradley said...

Yeah, that's a relatively weird response.

So, we shouldn't accept things because they come from religious authorities?

But what if the religious authorities are right?

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