Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Meghan McCardle on ...

..."why Libertarian men make the best boyfriends."

Sure, there is that nerdy, Asperger's issue, but this is what caught my eye:

"My personal empirical research indicates that in fact, libertarians make great boyfriends and husbands (though my sample size on the latter is pretty small).  The ones I've dated have actually been super considerate, and very concerned with pulling their own weight, though I couldn't say whether this is random chance, or the natural outgrowth of a value system that emphasizes voluntary, mutually beneficial cooperation.  I will say that it is unusually easy to divide chores with someone who favors simple, rules-based systems for cooperation."

Not having a great deal of success in this area, my question is: what system other than a simple rule based systems for cooperation works?  How long can a "free rider" system be maintained? My empirical data suggests somewhere between 5 and 11 years - depending on how you measure it - tops.

This also made me laugh:

To be sure, I am the first to admit that libertarians are . . . quirky. Asperger's is definitely overrepresented in the community, and with it, various nerdy obsessions. Spend a bunch of time around libertarian guys and you're apt to learn a lot about music, and comic books, and action movies, and computer programming . . . a lot. He could lend you a book, if you want. And he'd be really happy to sit down and spend four or five hours explaining college football statistics to you. Do you want that alphabetically, or north to south? 
Which can be more than a bit off-putting.


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