Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Well, that's awkward for science.

Apparently, some scientists have re-tested Neanderthal fossils in Spain - the "last refuge of the Neanderthal" - and have decided that the fossils are 15,000 years older than they previously thought. 

If this is true, then modern humans couldn't have killed them off or interbred with them because modern humans didn't arrive until much later, although that arrival date may be pushed back as well.

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Lauran said...

"I do not doubt that if the Paradisal man could now appear among us, we should regard him as an utter savage, a creature to be exploited or, at best, patronised. Only one or two, and those the holiest among us, would glance a second time at the naked, shaggy-bearded, slow-spoken creature: but they, after a few minutes, would fall at his feet"

CS Lewis, The Problem of Pain

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