Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hey, Catholics!  If you think they hate you...

...they do.

An atheist posted this at the Unbelievable FB page - "where atheists and theists talk" - until it was taken down by the host Justin Brierly. This song is "not safe for work."  It is also an amazing demonstration about how people who don't think there are moral absolutes and that "being judgmental" is wrong are judgmental and do have a moral absolute about one thing.

Of course, they are wrong about that one thing.  I've been in debates with the atheists at Unbelievable for the last month and I can say with an assurance I have never had before based on their best and worst arguments that there is no basis for any claim that Pope Benedict covered up child abuse. To the contrary, he was the cure of the problem such that current allegations of child abuse in the American Catholic Church are less than any other institution.

Watch this video only to know what "they" say and believe about "you."

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