Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The more I hear about George Zimmerman, the more I realize that he's a much better man than I am.

Here's the testimony from a neighbor.

Olivia Bertalan, former Twin Lakes resident
The next defense witness was Olivia Bertalan, a former resident of Twin Lakes.  On direct by O’Mara she recounted an absolutely horrific story of a home invasion, in which two black men in their late teens broke into her home and began ransacking it.  She and her 9-month-old son ran up to his bedroom, locked the door, and huddled in a corner.  The 911 dispatcher told her to grab any weapon she could and be ready to use it–the best weapon at hand was a rusty pair of scissors.  Moments later one of the intruders was rattling the doorknob on the bedroom door.
Just listening to it was horrifying, but it got worse.
Some time later one of the invaders was identified and arrested.  He was, however, a minor and was released from arrest on that basis.  And, unimaginably, he himself was a resident of Twin Lakes, living in the neighborhood only a short distance from Bertalan’s own home.
It was very plain that this was still a deeply traumatized woman, even now almost 18 months after the invasion.
O’Mara then asked her about her interactions with Zimmerman in the aftermath of these events. Bertalan responded that they were terrified, and just so appreciative of George’s offers to help them, to make sure that they were OK.  He even arranged for Bertalan to spend some time with his wife Shellie, as she was too frightened to stay at home alone.
The testimony of Bertalan was reminiscent of the compelling testimony of Elouise Dilligard the day before, also a Zimmerman neighbor.  The Zimmerman these people described, this kind, caring neighbor, could not be further from the evil, seething, racist murdered of young black boys that the State continues to try to sell to the jury.

Day after day, neighbor after neighbor, we are hearing these stories.

Zimmerman comes out sounding like a "stand up guy."  A guy who has that rare quality of caring about other people.

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