Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why Professor Ann Althouse is the big-timer blogger.

When she intuited that Trayvon may have been suffering from "homosexual fear" based on the "creepy ass cracker" comment, everyone was focusing on "cracker" not "ass cracker."

Appears everyone else was wrong:

According to Jim Treacher:

First, star witness Rachel Jeantel said Trayvon Martin thought George Zimmerman was gay, and therefore was a rapist. Which is why Trayvon did this:??


Now she’s making things even tougher for everyone who’s claiming to seek #JusticeForTrayvon. Jeff Poor reports:
In an interview with the Huffington Post Live’s Marc Lamont Hill, Rachel Jeantel — a key prosecution witness and friend of Trayvon Martin — said she thought it was Martin who had landed the first blow in the altercation with George Zimmerman after Zimmerman tried to tried to detain Martin.

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