Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jason Stellman comes clean about things he hates about Catholicism.

I like this one:

7. Whatever the truth is behind this whole Inigo Montoya thing that Darryl’s been raving about, I will happily go on record as saying that no, popes shouldn’t kidnap babies. They shouldn’t kick puppies or waterboard people, either. I can’t emphasize this enough: If something is a crime, and a guy does it who’s also the pope, it’s still a crime (perhaps even a worse one). Francis, I’m looking in your direction here. Don’t go stealing any kids, or Darryl’ll never let us hear the end of it.

Well, alrighty then, that should pretty much bury the hatchet...because we know that when Pope JPII apologized for Catholic misdeeds, everyone who had been saying "all they have to do is apologize" were all, like, "accepted and forgiven and we'll never bring up the Inquisition or Crusades or Galileo" ever again....not.

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