Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Science Fiction Writers of America is looking like a Stalinist-era Operation... it turns the non-leftist Christian runner-up of its last election into a "non-person."

The SFWA's official announcement of my expulsion doesn't happen to mention me or why I was expelled.  The SFWA President didn't provide a reason in his email to me either.  That was interesting in light of this belated addition to the official announcement:
Amended to add: 
We will continue to omit the expelled individual’s name and the details of his behavior on advice of counsel.
They can't mention the reason, of course, because that would reveal that their action was either a) highly selective, or, b) ideologically driven. 
SFWA Board Report
Response to SFWA Board
Meanwhile, Jemisin makes it clear, in her uniquely civilized way, that she's got others on her hit list:
//I’m still thinking about how much I’m willing to put up with, and for how much longer. 
For the time being, though, I’ll remain a SFWA member. By expelling Mr. Beale, and making a clear choice to offend at least one bigot this one time, SFWA has done the bare minimum of what it must to retain relevance to the bulk of its membership. Much, much more needs to be done, and I suspect the organization will always be reactive to change rather than proactive in this area. Frankly I don’t expect better of a group that took 10 weeks to decide whether a member who spread hate speech in its name was deserving of the label “professional”. But at least for now SFWA might manage to stay relevant enough, to enough people, to last awhile longer. I guess we’ll have to see.//
Some time ago, I warned several SFWA members who were on the political left but concerned about the precedent an expulsion would set that my expulsion would not mark the end, but rather the beginning of the ideological cleansing. The mediocre feminist members of the organization, virtually none of whom should ever have been permitted to join in the first place, have nothing better to do than play sex police and ideological enforcer.  They love having an excuse to be outraged and if they can't find one, they will manufacture one. I may be the first to be expelled by the rampaging rabbits, but it seems very unlikely I will be the last.

Which is usually the way it works on the left.

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