Saturday, November 16, 2013

Obamacare was never about making things better.

If it was there were things that could have been done:

Time and time again the world has seen how the power of markets drive efficiencies.  The free market forces participants to declare and be transparent.  At the end of the day, the lowest price is reached with the greatest part of the market getting supplied.
There were early signs that the Democrats were not serious about reforming healthcare.  For example, not allowing insurance companies to compete across state borders was one sign.  Auto insurance is much cheaper because of nationwide competition.  It changes in price from city to city reflecting the individual peccadillo’s of the city.  It changes with the driver’s age.
Democrats tried to normalize costs.  They used normative economics to drive decision making.
Democratic logic ignores real world economics.  There is a reason females pay more than males from the ages of 14-40.  There is a risk they can become pregnant.  There is a reason men pay more later in life.  They die sooner and are generally less healthy than women.  There is a reason younger people only need catastrophic insurance.  There is a reason old people ought to pay more.   Costs can never be the same across the spectrum.  What the Democrats did was force socialized medicine down American throats.
This is an unmitigated disaster that will never work and cannot possibly be “fixed”.  It’s a total fail, and deserves to go out of business.

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