Wednesday, January 08, 2014

As a Catholic, here's the belief I want to impose - Leave us fargin' alone! 

The State has the power and ability to determine how we live or die, but Democrats are worried about Catholics imposing their beliefs on others????

More Scalia

Sotomayor’s blow brings us to confront an uncomfortable reality. More than WASPS, Methodists, Jews, Quakers or Baptists…
Holy Crap, now she’s channeling Archie Bunker!
…Catholics often try to impose their beliefs on you, me, public discourse and institutions. Especially if “you” are female. This is not true of all Catholics – just look at House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.
Yeah, Archie Bunker thought that “Little Elmo” down at the docks was “one of the ‘good’ ones”, too.

So, the editorial policy of the USN&W seems to be that Catholics are by nature - if they are truly Catholic - undemocratic and crypto-totalitarian?

This is not a new position, by the way. It was the subject of a very influential book written in the 1950s prior to the Kennedy election.

I can't believe that this kind of "faith-baiting" is being published by a supposedly reputable journal...well, actually I can.

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