Wednesday, January 08, 2014

US News & World Report tells Americans to Impose a Religious Test.

Wow!  This kind of thing was supposed to have died out along with segregated schools and other forms of bigotry.

Catholics in high places of power have the most trouble, I've noticed, practicing the separation of church and state. The pugnacious Catholic Justice, Antonin Scalia, is the most aggressive offender on the Court, but not the only one. Of course, we can't know for sure what Sotomayor was thinking, but it seems she has joined the ranks of the five Republican Catholic men on the John Roberts Court in showing a clear religious bias when it comes to women's rights and liberties. We can no longer be silent about this. Thomas Jefferson, the principal champion of the separation between state and church, was thinking particularly of pernicious Rome in his writings. He deeply distrusted the narrowness of Vatican hegemony.

So, Catholics in "high places of power" can't be trusted not to take orders from the Pope?

"Pernicious Rome"????

What is this?  The 19th Century?

Could you imagine this kind of thing being said about Muslims?

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