Wednesday, February 12, 2014

About what you'd expect from the party of segregation.

Just a little while ago, on the floor of the Alabama House of Representatives, the black longtime state representative Alvin Holmes explained why he so dislikes Clarence Thomas: because “he’s married to a white woman.”

Liberals have angrily denounced Justice Thomas’ recent reflection that the worst treatment he’s ever endured has come at the hands of “northern liberal elites,” rather than whites in the deep south during the Jim Crow era. Northern liberal elites, for their part, are quite positive that they know Thomas’ personal history better than he does.  Perhaps the silver medal of nastiness would go to black racial grievance-mongers, whose venomous attacks on Thomas have spanned decades.  Alvin Holmes (Racist-Montgomery) is merely the latest one to step up in the queue.   He says he can’t abide the associate justice’s mixed-race household.  Paging MSNBC

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