Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The arrogance, stupidity and indifference to the question of truth is blinding.

Well, hey!, if a totally forgettable feminist narcissist says so, consider it done!

Feminist Huffpo blogger has some suggestions for Pope Francis:

5. Leave behind the Virgin Birth. Good Catholic women have two choices: they can be virgins or mothers. Embodying both, the Virgin Mary is a sterling, unattainable emblem of womanhood. That idea -- of a mother unsoiled by sex -- is a terrible burden for Catholic women who can never measure up. But this myth survives, despite the Biblical references to Jesus' siblings (vehemently denied by church fathers who are loathe to admit that Mary ever had sex) and the widely held view that the virgin birth was incorporated into early Christianity to win over converts from the pagan/goddess religions who already accepted divine progeny springing from all manner of human/spirit couplings.//

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