Sunday, March 23, 2014

Another bit of culture-smog agitprop bites the dust...

...and is permanently entrenched in pop culture.

//#4. FOX Didn't Censor the "Only" Mention of Evolution on Cosmos//

Here's a little something to stretch your indignant scoff muscles:
"Neil DeGrasse Tyson digitally replaced with Pat Robertson."
The story that's been passed from Gizmodo to the Wire is that during the premiere episode of Cosmos, the gritty revamp of the classic science documentary series, a FOX affiliate in Oklahoma "accidentally" cut the only part about evolution in favor of a news promo about tween archery. While the station apologized for the screw-up, numerous headlines have questioned their true motive due to the state's anti-evolution background and the fact that the word "FOX" is involved. Here's the shameful clip:

The only hole in this theory? That wasn't the only mention of evolution in the show. Oh, and also, it's physically impossible to do -- network shows run on something called a dual network feed that automatically transmits shows to local broadcast affiliates. So, whoever accidentally interrupted the show had no idea they were about to throw down evolution theory unless they came from the future, in which case they probably had a pretty good reason to do it.

Years from now, we will be debunking this one.

But, hey, you know "skeptics."

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