Friday, April 18, 2014

Bart Ehrman - Super Scholar

Is Bart for real? Can he not read? Or is this just his normal disingenuous style?

He writes:

OK, so I’m a bit testy. But what really has sent me over the edge is his claim that my view is simply a re-hashing of Hugh Schonfield’s Passover Plot. Is he SERIOUS? Maybe he forgot what the thesis of the Passover Plot is. Or maybe he doesn’t care, but simply wants to tarnish me by association with an absurd thesis that someone else advanced, which in fact has nothing to do with mine//

But here's Baron's comment:

When I was a teenager, I read British Biblical scholar Hugh Schonfield’s Passover Plot, which lays out the same narrative, and just a few months ago, I read Reza Aslan’s Zealot, which pursues a very similar line, and I’m sure next Christmas or Easter I will read still another iteration of the theory. //

Barron was comparing Aslan to Schonfeld as an example of how anti-Christian arguments get recycled.

He was not comparing Ehrman to Schonfeld.

This is pretty typical, actually, of Ehrman's scholarship.

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