Thursday, April 03, 2014

Hah! Good night last night!

I went to a lecture sponsored by Fresno State's philosophy department with Mike Michael Stannard.   The talk was by atheist secularist sociologist Phil Zuckerman and featured Zuckerman comparing Jamaica to Denmark in an effort to show that secular, non-religious countries are so much better than religious countries (conveniently ignoring the fact that Denmark has a declining population which is the second oldest in the world.)

It was a target rich environment for questioning.

Because Zuckerman put up this classic atheist cropped picture of "Benedict saluting Hitler" as part of his effort to show that religious people supported tyranny, I asked him if he knew that the full picture presented an entirely different picture?  He didn't.

Here it is.

He also said that Hitler was never excommunicated, and I asked him if he knew that (a) all Catholics who belonged to the Nazis were excommunicated in 1930, (b) Catholics were forbidden from voting for Nazis in 1932 and (c) Catholics were kicked out of the German bureaucracy in 1934.  He didn't.

I was about to get into the demographic decline of secular Denmark when I was cut off.

It was like a day on Facebook!


marian said...

Thank you for posting this!

Guy said...

Sir, can you please post the links or resources supporting your points to the speaker. I can't count the number of times I've had similar claims tossed at me as "everyone knows"-type facts and been unable to respond.

Thank you,

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