Friday, April 18, 2014

The Food and Drug Administration has a SWAT team?


The year before the raid on Wright, a SWAT team from the Food and Drug Administration raided the farm of Dan Allgyer of Lancaster, Pa. His crime was shipping unpasteurized milk across state lines to a cooperative of young women with children in Washington, D.C., called Grass Fed on the Hill. Raw milk can be sold in Pennsylvania, but it is illegal to transport it across state lines. The raid forced Allgyer to close down his business.
Brian Walsh, a senior legal analyst with the Heritage Foundation, says it is inexplicable why so many federal agencies need to be battle-ready: “If these agencies occasionally have a legitimate need for force to execute a warrant, they should be required to call a real law-enforcement agency, one that has a better sense of perspective. The FBI, for example, can draw upon its vast experience to determine whether there is an actual need for a dozen SWAT agents.”//

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John Kasasian said...

Perhaps this is a subversive way to increase the numbers of a trained and armed administrative controlled paramilitary without increasing the traditional& more transparent roles of the National Guard and FBI?

Those retired railroadmen must be a wee bit cantankerous!

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