Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The nice thing about having a Democrat in the White House is that there is never any bad news...

...for Democrats.

When Republicans are sinking in the polls, no one in America can miss it. The liberal media won’t let them. But when Republicans are rising in the polls, mum's the word. It’s quite easy for the average voter to miss it. The average voter has no concept of it. This is not an isolated example from a single source. This is the rule within an industry that has abandoned all pretenses of professional ethics.

Try this one. On May 5, USA Today published the front-page headline "Poll shows biggest advantage for Republicans in 2 decades." The GOP advantage was only 47 percent to 43, but USA Today pointed out this is “the strongest tilt to Republican candidates at this point in a midterm year in at least two decades, including before partisan 'waves' in 1994 and 2010 that swept the GOP into power.” That’s not all. Sixty five percent of Americans "want the president elected in 2016 to pursue different policies and programs than the Obama administration."

The networks? Quiet as church mice. It sounds ridiculous, but no "news" reporter wants the country to know the direction the country is going in.

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