Friday, May 02, 2014

This is amusing leftwing zaniness until it informs policy.

Catholic Church is accused of torture before the UN.
//I’ve mentioned the hearings before the U.N. Committee on Torture that the Holy See will be testifying at this upcoming week. What I didn’t mention is the brief filed by the Center for Reproductive Rights arguing on the side of the Holy See being a potential violator of the Convention Against Torture. The Center for Reproductive Rights considers Catholic teaching on contraception and abortion to be akin to torture.

After quoting the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the brief charges: “As the Holy See’s policy on abortion does not permit abortion in any circumstances, it prima facie fails to prevent torture and ill-treatment of women who seek abortion.”

The brief further charges:

Representatives of the Holy See and other church officials have attempted to shame women and guardians of minors who have sought abortions as well as the doctors who have performed them by publicly announcing their excommunications. These actions have both interfered with state efforts to prevent torture or ill-treatment of women and also contributed to torture or ill-treatment by creating severe mental suffering for women who are subjected to public and private derision.

Ludicrous, outrageous, maddening, heartbreaking.

For upholding the dignity of all human life and caring about mothers and their pain, the Holy See is being accused of torture.//
Here is the brief.

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That brief is one long-winded temper tantrum.

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