Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Conservatives worried about the police acting like an "occupying force."

If the police are losing the "law and order conservatives," then they will have problems.


John Kasaian said...

It would appear that Obama got what he asked for in 2008, his "civilian national security force"
which makes me wonder---did he not trust the loyalty of the military?
And now, if he has to reel in the police, will he suspect his civilian national security force as well?
Typical leadership, or lack of, by default when the Captain of the Ship of State has too many loose cannons on the deck.

John Kasaian said...

An interesting discussion on the militarization of police for sure! What the video doesn't address is
1) What the expectations of the police are, in view of violent, well organized narcotic induced gangs. Gang warfare is just that---warfare---its not an Andy and Barney Mayberry RFD world.
2) When force is brought In to quell multi-day rioting and looting, it effectively is a military occupation of the area---that is the precinct of the National Guard with a declaration of martial law, curfews, etc...with or without the local LE in support. A failing grade for the State Governor for sitting on his thumbs too long.

It is an acceptable tactic that LEO's can threaten to use more force than they can lawfully dispense. If you can stop a crime by intimidation, no one gets hurt----that's a good thing and at least back when I went through the academy, the tactic was upheld in the courts.
Unfortunately police snipers in camo, in full view of the general public while likely meant to intimidate the criminal element --- also intimidated the rest of the public aseembly. That's a failing grade for the Ferguson PD.
Alas, the "wannabee" soldier syndrome I feel, is all too accurate.
Sending anyone into harm's way in the wrong camouflage is a dereliction.

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