Saturday, August 09, 2014

When did liberals become so fascist?

That's a trick question - They've always been Stalinists at heart.

//The 1993 RFRA passed the Democratic House unanimously and the Democratic Senate with only three dissenting votes. The American Civil Liberties Union endorsed. New York Democrat Chuck Schumer sponsored. President Bill Clinton signed. Two decades later, Republican Gov. Jan Brewer, who has gone out on a limb for “bigoted” immigration laws, vetoed the bill to protect the religious liberty of business owners. 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney spoke against the protection of individuals whose faith guides more than their political donations. Libertarian pundits the world over said that one type of liberty trumped another. When the Supreme Court granted religious business owners conscience protections in the Hobby Lobby case, Senate Democrats in the midst of tough election year saw no risk in fighting to do away with pluralism.//

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