Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bill Maher is an anti-science idiot, and his "politically correct" schtick is mostly hypocritical since he never offends his amen corner...

...until maybe now.


Anonymous said...

Interesting monologue by Maher. I generally find him really hard to watch, not because he's liberal, but because he's almost always really liberal, like stupid liberal. Like, he'll bend realty to match his really stupid liberal view of the world.

He lays out what he thinks he constitutes some core liberal principles:

1. Free speech
2. Separation of church and state
3. Freedom to practice any religion or no religion without the threat of violence
4. Respect for minorities, including homosexuals
5. Equality for women

I generally support all of these principles when practically applied, yet I don't consider myself a liberal (generally because I hate such labels). I understand that "practically applied" can be the hole to drive the truck through, but that's why we all need to argue and discuss and honestly debate around the edges of practicality. The core principles hold over time, but its appropriate that we somewhat evolve their practical application time. Sending a kid to jail for 2 years because he poses obscenely with a statue of Jesus is not practical and getting really upset about it in the public square is is likely counterproductive. Speech is a hard thing to limit a little.

Its interesting he compares problems we face when when applying these liberal principles in the United States to issues faced elsewhere. Its kind of funny but very pointed (especially for a really stupid liberal) to compare the over-hyped outage of Jonah Hill yelling "faggot" when he's pissed off at someone to forced sexual mutilation in Arica or the almost complete subjugation of women by one of oldest and most important allies of ours in the Middle East, the House of Saud. There are, of course, politically conservative analogs to this, including the DA trying to put a kid in jail for posing with a statue of Jesus. In this case, I was surprised Maher was making this point. He seems more like the dude that would trash Jonah Hill.

Unfortunately, "anti-science idiot" is a label that can be attached to many of those on the far left and far right. Evolution. Vaccinations. Plate tectonics. Ghosts. Eugenics. Its really a never-ending list of ideas and facts that are rejected because they conflict with a world view based on a very limited view of the world.

I dislike Bill Maher. I kinda liked this particular "schtick."

Peter Bradley said...

Everyone who adheres to a set of principles and a party at some point has to decide which has priority. If Maher keeps this up he's going to make me think that he actually has principles, rather than merely being someone who plays to his audience.

I might demur a bit to his monologue. I don't think that this country is great because it celebrates or permits the idiot kid's behavior. The idiot kid is an idiot and idiocy shouldn't be celebrated.

On the other hand, it is also true that a society where hurt feelings can merit legal sanctions is a repressive society. The kid's behavior is not illegal and it would be unconstitutional to make that behavior illegal. If people have hurt feelings they should learn to live with their hurt feelings. If the kid is an idiot, then we should be able to say he's an idiot.

Freedom for all.

Anonymous said...

The "speech" I assume this kid is partaking of is an unfortunate byproduct of a free society. There is nothing (or should be nothing) keeping idiots out of the public square. Unfortunately, I think a lot of what passes for political discourse in our country lately is intended to incite and enrage as opposed to freely exchange ideas and opinions. I must admit I am sometimes amused by such speech, but I prefer such types of speech to be the exception, not the norm.

This kids stunt is just stupid.

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