Saturday, September 27, 2014

So. Totally. Cool!

The first issue of The Sci Phi Journal is out on Amazon. 

You should stop reading this and go there and buy the first issue ASAP.

Ignore the fact that I have a book review in Sci Phi Journal #1, but who can resist an article entitled "I am Groot: An Aristotelian reflection on space aliens and substance."!!!!!

Aristotle + Space Aliens = Total Science Fiction/Philosophical Nerd Heaven.

Or "Personhood in H.Beam Piper's Little Fuzzy," the prospective enjoyment of which requires knowledge of 1950s Science Fiction.

Or for the Star Trek fans out there - and you know who you are - Philosophy prof Jim Druley pens "Star Trek's Prime Directive: Moral Guidelines, Exceptions and Absolutes"....for which, I'm guessing, the only absolute is "don't get caught violating it."

Oh....and there are science fiction stories, including one by John C. Wright.

This journal grows out of Jason Rennie's Sci Phi podcast. Over the years, Jason has analyzed some fascinating philosophical issues through the perspective of science fiction, or, if you prefer, analyzed some fascinating science fiction stories through the perspective of philosophy. He has also interviewed science fiction writers including Mike Resnick and Robert Sawyer and philosophers including Alvin Plantinga (who seemed like a real nice guy.) It makes for a fun melange of science fiction/philosophical chewy goodness.

Check out the Sci Phi Journal and expand your mind.

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