Friday, November 07, 2014

Another enabler self-identifies.

So, both Chris Matthews and Jon Stewart are really unhappy with the Harry Reid strategy of bottling up every bit of legislation that came from the House?

The odd thing is that you would think they discovered this strategy only after Tuesday because they seem to have been silent about it BEFORE the election, which enabled the meme of "Republicans don't have a plan."

//Comedian Jon Stewart railed against President Barack Obama and Democrats Thursday night for playing what he called a “chickens**t gambit” — a political tactic in which he said they refused to act on controversial issues before the election to avoid being negatively impacted at the polls.

“What was he doing before the election?” Stewart asked of Obama, claiming that decisions surrounding the selection of a new attorney general, immigration, tax reform and the Keystone Pipeline were intentionally delayed prior to Tuesday’s elections.

The “Daily Show” host went on to posit that the tactic was an intentional one used by the Democrats as a means to protect themselves in the midterm elections.

“Senate Democrats wanted to avoid votes on contentious issues, so they wouldn’t have to take unpopular [stances] that might cost them reelection and they got the president to go along with it,” Stewart said. “It’s a well-known political maneuver known as the ‘chickens**t gambit.’ It’s named, of course, for Senator Dickless H. Chickens**t.”

He concluded by accusing Democrats of adopting a do-nothing strategy and avoiding acting on what voters elected them to do.//


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Stewart coverage? What Stewart was referring to was not stopping legislation for the last 6 years. Rather, it was about delaying actions over the last 6 to 9 months, much of which had nothing to do with legislation coming from congress, to avoid political implications right before the election. Obviously, the strategy failed (or at least didn't help). Stewart was not addressing the issue of "the Harry Reid strategy" as you refer to in your erroneous description.

Peter Bradley said...

So, Jon Steward is complaining about only a portion of the entire time that Harry Reid was providing cover for Senate Democrats and Obama?

That's principled.

How does that not strengthen my point?

Peter Bradley said...

You seem to specialize in missing the point and attempting to pettifog.

Do you realize how deeply you are in the echo chamber of the left?

Who links to me?