Monday, December 01, 2014

Mr. Christian Charity demonstrates that we are still in the middle of the Long 16th Century.

He's shocked - shocked! - that Rick Warren referred to Pope Francis as the "Holy Father."  Referring to the "pope" as anything other than "Mr. Bergoglio" is rank heresy!


mrez said...

I enjoyed listening/watching this guy. His hatred for the Roman Church was a good reminder as to what I am missing out there at some other church... I have not seen this in a long while. I have never heard someone speak so highly of the "Reformation" as though it was so sacred. Thanks..for exposing this guy and his.....atrocious melt down.

Toby said...

The enemies of Catholicism meet every Sunday in certain protestant churches all over the United States. Any focus on atheists as a significant enemy or threat to the Catholic Church is misplaced.

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