Saturday, December 27, 2014


5 Muslims force themselves into Catholic Church on Christmas shouting "F*ck Christmas."

Sure it is a minority of Muslims, but it fits the typical pattern of a Islamic raids cowing larger populations.


Lauran said...

Actually, a few muslims were seen "hanging around" suspiciously during the Midnight Mass at St Patrick's in NYC.

After so many minutes of being stared at relentlessly they were seen leaving pretty quickly.

Toby said...

So the two they caught were 14 years old. This is all you got on Muslims attacking Christmas, 14 year olds shouting obscenities in one church in Germany? Sounds like the world coming to an end.

How does this compare to the unjustified invasion and occupation of Iraq during which thousands of American combat troops were killed and tens of thousands maimed and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed? Now that's cowing a population. Bush 2 and the neocons he hired started a war under false pretenses and these teenagers in Germany bug you? I'm still waiting for Condie Rice's "mushroom clouds over the Potomac" and C. Powell's mobile bio weapons labs.

Peter Bradley said...


Right, five Muslims - including two children - apparently think that entering a church on Christmas and saying "Fuck Christians" is a lark.

Yeah, that's totally reassuring in light of the atrocities that other Muslims the same age are committing against Christians in the Mid-east.

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