Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Stay classy, James White.

White patiently explains to Muslims that real Christians do not worship idols like Catholics and Copts.

//True Christians do not “supplicate what they worship and die upon their paganism.”  The very words this graphic video displayed while Muslims murdered helpless Copts are based upon their own ignorance and the misrepresentation of Christian faith in Islamic sources, aided and assisted by unbiblical practices and teachings readily present in Roman Catholicism and even Coptic Christianity.  We cannot and do not excuse these murderers from engaging in their atrocities simply because they are themselves ignorant or that they have been taught by ignorant men.  But we cannot at the same time ignore the fact that false teaching and practice has only aided in the production of the errors of Islam.  Christians do glory in the cross, as Paul explains:

But may it never be that I should boast—except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world (Galatians 6:14).

A true Christian boasts in the cross—but that is not in the context of bowing down before a cross, or worshipping a cross, or any such thing.  As the text makes clear, we recognize our being crucified together with Christ (Galatians 2:20), so that the life which we now live we live by faith in the Son of God who loved us and gave Himself in our place.  When we live as those who have already died, the world and its lusts and its perishing desires are dead to us, and we to them.  This boasting then is only known by those who live the Christian life day by day, purposefully.  It has not meaning to cultural or nominal Christianity.

To my Muslim readers: I know you see Roman Catholics prostrating before crucifixes and praying and lighting candles.  And you think that represents Christianity.  Please, think with me: what represents Islam, if not that which is truly and fully in accord with the Qur’an?  Look at the Christian scriptures: you will never find them invoking worship of anyone but God—and remember, we do NOT associate a mere man with God, the Bible is clear in telling us Jesus was MORE than just a mere man, He was the Word made flesh.  We worship only one God, and we do not worship the cross.  We glory in what God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit did on that cross.  All of time before the cross looked forward to it—all time will forever look back to it.  It is the center point of time. There the God-Man gave Himself utterly freely, voluntarily, becoming sin in the place of every man, woman and child who would ever put their faith and trust in Him as their sin-bearer, as their Savior.  God joined His people to the Messiah there on the cross, which is why He had to be so much more than a mere prophet.  He bore in Himself the wrath justly due to their sin, so that they could have forgiveness.  How can we not, I ask you, Muslim friend, glory in the cross?  For there the God of Abraham fulfilled what He had pictured on the mountain when Abraham offered his unique son, so long ago.  God gave us life at the cross, and we rejoice.  And our deepest desire is that you, too, come to know that life, through Him who gave Himself so freely there.//

Well, alrighty then.


Thomas Athanasius said...
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Thomas Athanasius said...
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Thomas Athanasius said...

Amazing, isn't it, that White is so dismissive of anything that doesn't accord with his man-made tradition of Calvinism.
And, sadly, he appears incapable of truth and honesty regarding Catholics and Copts.
Seems he's predestined to ignorance, arrogance, and avoidance of the truth.

Toby said...

Interesting how Muslims disagree on what it means to be a Muslim, and Christians have a similar level of disagreement about their own ranks. Not exactly two big happy families.

Lauran said...

Interesting how those with the least understanding of Christianity are the most critical of it.

Toby said...

Peter presented the evidence that not all christians get along. The linked article includes a man claiming Catholics worship idols. I have heard this criticism (and others) from the Christian right for the last 30-40 years. You really should get out more and realize that there are many many people out there who call themselves Christians who loath Catholicism and consider it a cult. If you don't see that, then its you who do not understand what many modern right-wing protestants believe. Its not a question of understanding Christianity, it a question of understanding all of its adherents. It is not one big happy family.

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