Thursday, March 12, 2015

A typical day in the life of the ...

...Party of Death Worship.

Democrats so deep in abortion politics they'd tank a bipartisan human trafficking bill


Lauran said...

When your party's only claims to fame are promoting infantcide, euthanasia, sodomy and atheism--its time to revisit reality.

Toby said...

I know, Lauran, I'd way rather live in a society where the government gets to decide what happens when someone gets pregnant, when and how we die, who we chose to have sex with, and demand that I pray to the god of its choosing. What a wonderful conservative government that would be.

Its funny how extreme liberal and conservative ideas all start to sound the same. We know what is best for you and we will force you to agree. Its like the idea that if one goes far enough in any direction, one will get back to where one started.

Lauran said...

There's nothing "extreme" about extending to the unborn the same rights those of us enjoy who've safely made the journey out of our mother's wombs, protecting the innocence of childhood, respecting the bonds of holy matrimony, and caring for the sick, the elderly and the infirm--so don't bother trying to "level the field" with some lame mantra. Go peddle your wares over at HuffPo.

The Republican Party isn't responsible for the Democratic Party reducing themselves to sludge.

Toby said...

It appears the Republican party wants to be responsible for quite a bit of my life.

- Now I understand Republicans want the state to sanction only "holy" matrimony - secularists need not apply

- Republicans want to take control of women's reproduction

- Republicans want to decide how everyone dies

You are no conservative. You are as full of the progressive desire to control your fellow citizens behavior as any liberal I know.

Lauran said...

Republicans aren't interested in "women's reproduction." Their interest is in a baby's Constitution right to life, which includes their birth right.

Nor are Republicans interested in "deciding" how "everyone dies." Their interest is that everyone else doesn't decide for them.

And get over yourself, Toby. Republicans don't want to run your life--but you're not qualified to decide how or when to end someone else's.

Toby said...

You really don't get it. I want to be able to decide how my life ends. Others should be free to do the same with their lives. In your world, the Republican world, you prefer to mandate how lives will end. I prefer to leave it up to the individual. You've consumed too many Republican "death panel" talking points.

There are many in this country, a majority in fact, who do not believe a 2 week old fetus has constitutional rights. But you just keep pushing your religious values in all of us like a good Republican.

Lauran said...

Actually, I really do "get it." The deficiency, clearly, is yours.

Abortion isn't a "religious" issue although the Catholic Church, and other Churches, speak out against it. Many atheists, in fact, think it's barbaric. Even Margaret Sanger discouraged the practice. That the procedure is murder is common knowledge to the medical profession--though, of course, not readily admitted by those who profit from it.

And "the majority" in this country happens to be in fact, conservative. You reveal that liberal mob mindset in every post of yours--that "the majority" is for or against a thing--be it abortion or any other practice--doesn't bestow value to it.

BTW, "majority rule" is found in Democracies, not Constitutional Republics. (That you don't understand the difference isn't surprising either.)

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