Saturday, August 15, 2015

Post-modern Civilization - jumping the shark 24/7.

It is now officially beyond human powers to parody the fever-swamp left.

So, we have a far-left project that, after being mocked by exposure and ridicule, claims that the actual ridicule of an actual far-left idea was an over-the-top false flag operation designed to lure the gullible into believing that the parody was real, but hides the fact that the parody IS reality.

Meta-irony, anyone?

//Free bleeding is folly all around. But it isn’t fake. It isn’t even satire.

Early in 2014 some of the players at 4chan (think Reddit without any rules) tried to get #freebleeding to trend. They have a long history of running false flag campaigns, making some of our culture’s more ridiculous ideas go viral. They want to expose the ridiculousness to the general public and discredit the ideas and their cheerleaders. 4chan members made tweets and blog posts calling for women to stop being period shamed into using sanitary products.

The tweets started to trend. Young western women have been so well trained to think of anything exclusive to women as a weakness encouraged by patriarchy that free bleeding feels like a meaningful rebellion to many. But it is such a colossally bad idea (see above) that a few saner feminist pundits knew they had to stop the all the “likes” and “shares.” As soon as they realized that 4chan was seeding the trend, panicked articles popped up, like this one at The Daily Dot or this one at the Australian young fem mag Birdee, calling the #freebleeding movement a hoax. But buried at the end of the posts or in the comments, readers would learn that 4chan is publicizing actual ideas. According to Know Your Meme:

The concept of free bleeding has been discussed online since the early 2000s, with the earliest known article on the topic posted by the women’s reproductive health blog All About My Vagina[5] on March 31st, 2004.

4Chan created the hashtag #freebleeding, not the idea. In August 2012, Feministing posted, “Letting ourselves bleed.” 4Chan lifted many of the photos from earnest sites, such as a May 2012 “There Will Be Blood” photo art collection. Since the 4chan false-flag play, I’ve found a Spanish protest involving white pants. In March after complaints, Instagram apologized for removing an art project photo of a woman who had bled through her pajamas and onto her sheets. The complaints stated that Instagram had removed the pictures, not that Instagram was feeding into a hoax.

The idea of a hoax still persists. It really was the best defense the more reasonable feminists could use given how feminism has laid waste to the critical thinking skills of modern western women. Unfortunately for them, the idea of free bleeding is popular enough that Cosmopolitian published one of their writer’s experiments with free bleeding earlier this summer. (She decided against it for the hassle reasons and general discomfort, which was probably exacerbated by the fact that, according to her commenters, she was using the menstrual panties wrong.)//

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