Saturday, September 05, 2015

Feverswamp Liberalism - gutting everything it touches in the name of delusion and narcissism.

We can't stop the desnudas panhandlers from returning Times Square to a precinct fit only for crime and hookers because...

...that wouldn't be fair to 69 year old feverswamp liberal women who want to walk around with their breasts exposed.

//Mayor de Blasio has appointed a task force to study the Times Square problem of too many costumed characters, and topless desnudas panhandlers.
“To ensure all are welcome, and to continue the great success that is Times Square, the City will aggressively pursue every avenue for regulating these behaviors,” he also said. “This task force will identify the best legal and regulatory ways to move forward and keep Times Square the popular destination site for visitors and families from New York City and across the world.”
Plenty of city officials lined up to support that idea. But there was only a lone voice in the wilderness crying out to back de Blasio’s other suggestion: rip up Time Square’s pedestrian plaza that the panhandlers are using as a venue for their entrepreneurial endeavors.
The sole voice supporting the destruction of the pedestrian plaza belonged to NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, who said the city should “just dig the whole damn thing up and put it back the way it was.”
Besides wrecking the plaza, which has been an iconic symbol of the family friendliness of Times Square, does this all end if Cuomo and de Blasio fail to convince the women of New York to button up their blouses and hide their breasts?
Claire Hogenauer, a 69-year-old retired criminal defense attorney, hopes that the 2,000 breasts of 1,000 women will be bared alongside hers in a massive mammary movement of solidarity with their desnudas sisters.
Besides, Hogenauer, who bared her breasts on Times Square as part of the topless pride parade told the NY Post, “It feels nice. If it were really hot…I’d be saying, ‘Why haven’t I done this all my life?’”//

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