Wednesday, January 06, 2016

So, Hillary says:

1.  She first was told that Benghazi was an organized attack.

2. She told her daughter and the Egyptian ambassador that it was an organized attack.

3.  But then the group taking credit withdrew their claim and the CIA then said....?...not clear but they were writing the talking points....which is not true.

4. Then there were protests about the video, so maybe it was the video? It was definitely the fog of war.

 5. But the family members who said that she blamed Benghazi on the video were emotionally distraught and have a right not to remember what she said,and

6. She definitely didn't say it was the video to them.

But why didn't she say it was the video.  Her explanation is that what she told her daughter and the Egyptian was wrong and she changed her the video as the cause.

So, if that's true, why deny that she said that?

What we see in Hillary's story is that she has told so many lies and had to tailor her story to fit the unfolding facts that she has to make U-turns and deny clear facts with the "calm confidence of a Christian holding four aces."

As for me, Hillary's statement to the family that they were going to have the video-maker arrested, and the fact that he was arrested in the middle of the night, confirms that his arrest was arranged by the White House.

Why have we never heard from this guy?  If Bush had done this, this guy would have been famous as a martyr to free speech.

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