Monday, February 01, 2016


Hillary's argument has been that while the fussy-old CIA may have classified something as "Top Secret", the State Department didn't - which is breathtakingly stupid and, so, will be swallowed by her apologists and the news media, i.e., the same people...

//For months, Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign have stuck to a consistent story line when faced with allegations of classified information on the private server she used exclusively as secretary of state: She was the victim of an overzealous intelligence community bent on categorizing information as top secret or classified when it was, in fact, neither.

That defense hit a major snag on Friday when the State Department announced that it, too, had found “top secret” information on Clinton’s server — 22 emails across seven separate emails chains. The information, the State Department said, was so secret that those emails would never be released to the public.//

So much for the "inter-agency squabbling" defense.

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