Saturday, July 23, 2016

Is it normal to have a political speech with footnotes?

The footnotes have links that can be verified.

I approve that practice.

Doesn't stop the Low Information Partisans from parroting the talking-points that they pick up from Low Information Partisan Talking Point memes.

Easier to accept the word of Democrat-operative-with-bylines that call themselves "fact-checkers" than to do the heavy lifting of, you know, actually researching the issue for themselves.

I wonder if Hillary's acceptance speech will have footnotes?


Anonymous said...

Really, Peter Sean Bradley is now going to stump for Donald Trump? So much for the pro Neo-Con, Catholic and Civilization-of-any-kind biases.

Lauran said...

Interesting conclusion, Anonymous. With such a wit and intellect as yours, I’m sure Peter Bradley’s teeth are chattering when you’re in the neighborhood. Can’t get over on you, brainiac.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever address the substance of other's view's, or do you always just attack the individuals? I can't really tell what you think about anything other than the bitterness and hatred you share with Mr. Bradley and regularly fling at those you disagree with. Insults. Accusations. Straw men. It doesn't sound like much of a religious bias to me.

Oh, and Mr. Bradley's post is obviously on the stump for Mr. Trump.

Who links to me?