Sunday, August 07, 2016

Democrats:  It's different when they do it... many remember how the Dems tried to bring Reagan down because of Iran-Contra?

Big scandal....running a complicated scheme to free American hostages from Iran through Israel was really, really awful back when a Republican was in office.

Now, though, the Lightworker - believed of those who matter - can just airlift cash directly to Iran and it's all good.

Do we expect anyone to stand up for the rule of law on this?

I don't.

We have a corrupt political/media/legal culture.

//To summarize, the anti-terrorism sanctions are still in effect, a fact the administration has touted many times. Obama conceded at his press conference both that these sanctions are still in effect and that they applied directly to his $400 million pay-out to our terrorist enemies. But here’s the president’s problem: While he is correct that the sanctions barred him from sending Iran a check or wire transfer, that is not all they forbid — not by a long shot. They also make it illegal to do what he did.

As noted above, the sanctions prohibit transactions with Iran that touch the U.S. financial system, whether they are carried out in dollars or foreign currencies. The claim by administration officials, widely repeated in the press, that Iran had to be paid in euros and francs because dollar-transactions are forbidden is nonsense; Americans are also forbidden to engage in foreign currency transactions with Iran.

Obama had our financial system issue U.S. assets that were then converted to foreign currencies for delivery to Iran. Both steps flouted the regulations, which prohibit the clearing of currency of any kind if Iran is even minimally involved in the deal; here, Iran is the beneficiary of the deal.

The regs further prohibit supplying things of value to Iran, regardless of whether it is done “directly or indirectly.” Expressly included in the “indirect” category are transfers of assets to another country with knowledge that the other country will then forward the assets, in some form, to Iran. That’s exactly what happened here, with Obama pressing the Swiss and Dutch into service as intermediaries.

Although these regulations leave no room for doubt that their point is to prevent and criminalize things like sending $400 million in cash to the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism, the ITSR adds another reg for good measure. Section 560.203 states://

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Anonymous said...

I'm really surprised that the National Review has an opinion piece that views this activity as illegal. I was unaware they didn't like Obama or Democrats.

You are aware that the Obama Administration made this payment public quite some time ago?

Oh well. I guess if it really is illegal, we can anticipate the "belated yet imminent" Republican-led congressional investigation to clear everything up nicely and make sure the law breakers are led to jail.

Roughly two-thirds of Americans polled say they think the country is headed in the wrong direction, yet Obama has an approval rating near 60%. I wonder who the majority of the American people are blaming for our perceived misdirection and who will pay for that in November?

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