Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Quoth the Progressive Secular Humanist, "Nevermind."

The canonization of the Most Evil Woman Who Has Ever Lived seems to have unhinged the forces of tolerance and goodness.

The blogger at Progressive Secular Humanists wax wroth and vents spleen because Mother Teresa allegedly cackled in a video that she took pleasure in watching the death of the poor in her custody.

Such an evil woman!

What's that, you ask?  What did she actually say....because that just doesn't sound correct?

Let's cut to the tape:

It seems that she didn't say "it's beautiful to see them die."

She actually said "It is beautiful to watch the people die with so much joy."

Because, obviously, dying can otherwise be a dismal process for the poor, the forgotten, the sick or pretty much anyone who has to do it.

And what is this bit about "apologize for the 'confusion'"?????

How about apologize for the defamation.

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