Monday, September 12, 2016

The two phases of a Clinton Cover-up spin:

Phase 1: Do you have any evidence that she's lying?

Phase 2: Everybody always knew she was lying, so that's not news.

Sherryl Atkinson writes:

//In other words, all this was “the stuff of conspiracy theorists” until the reporters who appear to have been proven wrong, decided it was not. It’s almost as if we in the media take an editorial position with no factual basis, dare critics to prove us wrong, and then when events do, we modify our stance.

That’s not what the news is supposed to do. Reporters are, ideally, supposed to bring facts to light. If we relegate our role to one of spinning and trying to convince the public of our position; then end up bringing up the rear after-the-fact, what good are we?//

A lot of good, as Clinton operatives.

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