Monday, September 12, 2016

This ties into the "she won't drink water" excuse.

//Comments from an Instapundit article on her health. I thought this was ridiculous, and then looked up "thickened water." Holy cow Phelps • 27 minutes ago When you have dysphagia from a degenerative neurological condition, you can't drink water, or you risk aspirational pneumonia, which has a high chance of killing you. You can only drink thickened fluids, like thickened water. That is why you always see Hillary drinking from a glass, never a bottle, and why she won't take water from her staff that don't know that she has a life-threatening disease that requires thickened fluids. 3 • Reply•Share › Avatar pst314 Phelps • 11 minutes ago This is exactly correct. • Reply•Share ›// And - hokey smokes!!! - it's true. Isn't it amazing how much we can learn from reading the comments on blogs. Because we sure aren't getting any of this from the gatekeeping media.

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