Saturday, November 19, 2016

Obviously, when we pay exorbitant prices for tickets, we understand that included in the cost of the ticket is a free lecture by our social betters on how evil we are.

Mike Pence, however, did not need a safe space in the face of this unprecedented, divisive rudeness.

//Pence was on his way out of the theater as Dixon spoke, and the actor pleaded for the Vice-president elect to listen to their message.
'I see you walking out but I hope you will hear us,' Dixon said before he began.
A representative for the show later revealed that Pence stood in the hallway outside and heard the full statement.
It was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the show's creator, director Tommy Kail, producer Jeffrey Seller and the cast after they heard Pence was coming.
Pence was loudly booed throughout the show by audience members, the jeers sometimes so strong that the show had to be stopped repeatedly.
The booing was most likely linked to Pence's anti-LGBT stances throughout his political career, as well as Trump's election victory this month.
One audience member said that the cast had to repeatedly stop singing the number 'You'll Be Back (Reprise)' because the crowd jeered Pence on every line.
'Fully stopped the song for a minute while people lost their s**t,' the audience member tweeted. 'Never seen anything like it.'
'I'm at #Hamilton and so is Mike Pence. Crowd booed him like crazy,' another wrote.
'Crowd went NUTS at King George's lines "when people say they hate you" & "do you know how hard it is to lead?" He had to stop the song.' //

It looks like the urban left wants to make sure that the middle America keeps supporting Trump.


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