Friday, November 11, 2016

This has a nice Hunger Games reference...

...and then goes on to miss the point.

"Post-Partisan" at the Washington Post shows that "post-partisan" means, as it always does, leftwing partisan and anyone else can shut up.

//But … it’s still not pleasant to wake up Tuesday morning feeling like you’re Katniss Everdeen and to go to bed Wednesday morning realizing that tens of millions of your fellow Americans — the real ones, apparently — think you’re one of those stupid, shallow people with weird makeup and strange hair in Panem. You can imagine how disorienting that would be, right?

It’s my understanding from Trump supporters that I should believe only about half of what candidate Trump said on the campaign trail. I could note that it’s a bad sign when your own supporters believe only half of what you say, but that would be ungracious. (Sorry, I’m still in the Anger Stage.)

Ironically — or, is this irony? I can’t tell anymore — I believed only about half of what Donald Trump said, too. The disconnect between the Trump community and me hinges on which half. I didn’t believe the part about replacing Obamacare with something really great. In a nutshell, I was troubled by the lack of specificity. You didn’t believe the “grab them by the p—y” comment. That seemed, well, plenty specific and believable to me. Too specific by far.

This leads me to what I’m thinking of as “Trumpsplaining.” From my outsider’s perspective, it seems hard to separate misogyny and racism and all the rest from what one says. If I say that I can do anything I want to a woman or that I’d like to punch somebody in the face for protesting or a lot of other things, I don’t understand how that’s not sexism, racism …//

Yeah....after that, why would anyone EVER think that she was a smug resident of Panem?

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