Thursday, December 22, 2016

Unhinged leftists going to unhinge.

 Passenger booted from Jet Blue flight for verbally berating Ivanka Trump.

//According to TMZ, the passenger shouted, “Your father is ruining the country.” And as he was being escorted off the flight, he screamed, “You’re kicking me off for expressing my opinion?!!”

Hunter College professor Matthew Lasner says his husband was the one Jet Blue kicked off the plane and tweeted pics of the incident:

Ivanka just before @JetBlue kicked us off our flight when a flt attendant overhead my husband expressing displeasure about flying w/ Trumps.

— Matthew Lasner (@mattlasner) December 22, 2016
Ivanka and Jared on our flight. My husband expressed displeasure in a calm tone, JetBlue staff overheard, and they kicked us off the plane.

— Matthew Lasner (@mattlasner) December 22, 2016
Ivanka and Jared at JFK T5, flying commercial. My husband chasing them down to harass them. #banalityofevil

— Matthew Lasner (@mattlasner) December 22, 2016
Dude. You just admitted that he was harassing her, which is the opposite of expressing “displeasure in a calm tone.”//

Of course, it doesn't help that their culture affirms their right to act like judgmental bigots against their enemies.

Doesn't help their cause.

It helps the cause of Trump's second term quite well.

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