Thursday, December 22, 2016

Why does this woman have the worst luck?????

First, she loses the election, then with the recount and the campaign to turn the Electoral College she continues to lose more and more support.

And, apparently, she's been losing the support of the people who voted for her in the original election.

//Democrats’ belief that new information revealed after Donald Trump’s election — as when the reports of Russian interference spurred calls on the left for a revote or, failing that, for “faithless” electors to abandon Trump — would change voters’ minds has taken another hit.

A Pew Research survey Wednesday showed a whopping 97 percent of all voters would cast the exact same vote they did on Election Day, including 99 percent of Trump voters and 96 percent of Clinton voters. As with the recount that saw Clinton lose votes and the Electoral College vote that saw her lose electors, only 1 percent of Trump voters regret their vote, while 4 percent of Clinton voters do.//


//ndeed, Team Clinton — Hillary, Bill, campaign chair John Podesta and others — are still casting blame on FBI Director James Comey, for reopening the investigation into Hillary’s email during the home stretch of the election.

They still prefer that to the introspection they so sorely need: asking themselves why they ignored or haughtily dismissed so many voters.

On a trip I took this week on Amtrak’s famed Capitol Express, which connects Washington, DC, with a series of cities in the Midwest, I struck up a conversation with three strangers in the dining car. The subject turned to the election.

Audrey and Robert, a Virginia couple, were heading to Montana to visit their daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren; Edward of Lancaster, Pa., was traveling to see his mother and brothers and sisters in Fort Wayne, Ind. All had voted for Trump — and all had noticed the way they were still being portrayed by the losing side.

“On Nov. 8 I went from a responsible, hard-working, upstanding citizen to an uninformed bigot who gleefully supports Russian interference in our elections and the destruction of our republic,” Robert said. “At least that’s what I have read in the newspaper or seen on television, so it must be true, right?”

Edward smiled, paused, and then said, “It is refreshing to hear your candor, it’s gotten to the point where you are afraid to not only express your opinion, but to stand by your opinion. Yes, I supported him and yes, I would do it again.”

“They’ve thrown everything at everyone who voted for Trump to deteriorate or place doubt in his supporters’ minds,” said Audrey.

“It astounds me that the press still doesn’t get it, that my party (Democrats) are blaming everyone but themselves for a poor message, poor messenger and the responsibility she bears for placing her email security in jeopardy . . . it’s not Comey’s fault. It’s hers,” said Elizabeth who was sitting in the booth across the aisle.//

Clearly, these are ignorant rednecks under the influence of Russian mind-control rays.

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