Thursday, February 09, 2017

Good explanation for Senate Civility Rules.

Marco Rubio explains why civility rules are necessary for the Senate.

This is a response to Senator Warren's smearing of Senator Sessions as racist.


Anonymous said...

The Republican snowflakes in the Senate. Who knew, after the last 8 years, that Republicans were so sensitive. It makes one wonder how they could support the king of civility currently leading their party.

Second Breakfast said...

I guess we can't expect the leading purveyors of hate speech in the public to expect any better of their Senatorial representatives.

You don't like the rule? Become a Senator and change it. Otherwise, shut up and stop defending that slanderous whackjob Warren for failing to abide by longstanding rules.

Anonymous said...

" Otherwise, shut up and stop defending . . "

Second Breakfast,
Luckily, I'm not subject to censorship by Senate rules or your brave posts. Or perhaps you support "power that will not be questioned" as explicitly as those do who work for and support the current conservative Republican administration that is moving forward so effectively.

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