Wednesday, March 22, 2017

So, basically, Trump was right...


Maybe he wasn't "wiretapped" but his team was subjected to "electronic surveillance" and the product of that "electronic surveillance", which has NO INTELLIGENCE VALUE AND NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA, was WIDELY DISSEMINATED AMONG THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY.


If there was no intelligence value, why?

It is a mystery, I guess.

It undoubtedly has nothing at all to do with the reason why the IRS audited conservatives.

But, hey, everybody!!!

Russians!!! Let's go to war!!!


Anonymous said...

You break it, you own it. Time for the Republicans to own their leader and our President. Conservatives can warp the facts all they want, in the end warping facts it will only make any bad news worse. Republicans and conservatives have all bought tickets on the SS Trump and they proudly sail off into the cold North Atlantic. Fare thee well, conservatives, neo and otherwise.

Peter Bradley said...

Nonresponsive, irrelevant, non sequitur.

Anonymous said...

Have you been watching Perry Mason again, Peter. The proper form for Perry was "Incompetent, irrelevant and immaterial!"

You own Trump and all his baggage. Good luck with that. If you really believe the drivel you posted, then you have nothing to worry about. On the other hand . . . I remember how long to took for the typical Republican to grasp the depth of Nixon's crimes. The ones I grew up with still think Nixon got railroaded. You'd better hope you placed your faith in the right guy. You know, the three-time married woman grabbing multiple bankrupt faker of deep religious faith? That guy. Otherwise, you and your dog-eat-dog winner-take-all survival-of-the-fittest victimized-white-man ideology will face a serious sXXt-storm. And it sure looks like the dark brown storm clouds are gathering. Do you still think your Republicans (I think you refer to it as a "tribe") will be able to accomplish their fondest dream and significantly cut marginal tax rates for those earning over $300k per year?

Peter Bradley said...

I've attempted to engage you with a discussion of facts and logic.

Your response consists of non sequitur name-calling.

I really have no interest in providing a place for illogical anger, although I'm sure it is good therapy for you.

Please respond to the posts or I will block you.

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